Southern Oregon Weight Healthy Programs
Fit Your Individual Needs

We offer personalized medical obesity and weight management services. At the initial visit, Dr. Wan and the
patient will decide on a comprehensive plan and set achievable goals, as well as appropriate follow-up visits.

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Tel: 541 690 8231 
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Start A New Path

Take the first step towards a healthier lifestyle. Weight management can prevent chronic illnesses or stabilize existing chronic health conditions.

Bring Out Your Best

You are worth it!
Dr. Wan will help you bring out your best and create achievable goals.

Meet Your Goals

Are you trying to lose weight to control your diabetes better?
Get a hip or knee replacement?
Dr. Wan will guide you toward meeting your weight loss and healthy lifestyle goals.

Change Your Life

With Southern Oregon Weight Healthy, you create and achieve sustainable weight management plans to change your life. 


Southern Oregon Weight Healthy
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Tel: 541 690 8231 
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Monday – Wednesday 7.30 am – 1 pm
Thursday- Friday by appointment
Sat/Sun closed